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Kundalini Yoga to Break Addictive Habits and Tendencies That Don't Serve US Anymore

An addiction, according to one of my great teachers, Tommy Rosen is "Any behavior that you continue to engage in despite the negative consequences that the behavior leaves in its wake." In this course we will use pranayama (breath control), mantra (chanting sacred songs), mudra (hand positioning, or seals for energy), visualization, and asana (physical postures) to come back to our true selves into discovery and recovery. This is not a cure all for addiction, but it can help us all feel whole and content again by using kriyas (completed actions) and meditations to link up with our higher selves. This class is for anyone who is willing to break any habit or addictive tendency.

Instructor: Andrew Cox,  grew up in Sherman, CT and moved to CO in 2014. He has been living there ever since. In 2015 he sustained a skiing series of injuries that left me out of work and gave me the opportunity to look within, and that is when Kundalini Yoga found me. Ever since May 2015 he has been practicing Kundalini Yoga because of its powerful transformative and healing capabilities. He hopes he can share it with you!

8-Class Series: $144 | Dates as followed

Each class is 90 Minutes Long

Friday Dec 29: 5:45 PM
Monday Jan 8: 6:00 PM
Monday Jan 15: 6:00 PM
Monday Jan 22: 6:00 PM
Monday Jan 29: 6:00 PM
Friday Feb 2: 5:45 PM
Monday Feb 5: 6:00 PM
Friday Feb 9: 5:45 PM