Educational, Cultural and Social Programming for Everyone


9 Route 39 Sherman CT 06784 US

Fridays, 1PM

If you plan on coming to play, please call or email and let us know.

860-355-8050 /

Free, donations encouraged.

Adult Programs

8- Week Series  6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Thursdays, February 1st - March 22nd

$110 per person

Weekly activities

Come and learn Ballroom Dancing at the JCC in Sherman! Professional Dance instructor Anna Vazquez will teach and make you confident on the dance floor. In this series you will learn the basic dances, Waltz, Rumba and Samba!

Dance shoes are not required. A dance partner is not required.

Pre-paid reservations required by Monday, January 29th

Beginner Ballroom Dance Returns for 2018

with Instructor Anna Vazquez

Knitting Group
Wednesdays, 11:00 AM

Free, donations encouraged.

Creating & Experiencing Mandala as a healing channel

 Workshop with Helen Brazil

Wednesdays, March 7-28  6:30PM to 8PM
4-week Series $120 | Drop- in Only: $35

“Mandala“ means sacred circle. For centuries, Mandalas have been used to facilitate meditation in many spiritual traditions. They’re tools for guidance and contemplation. They’re also useful in relaxing, reducing stress, and letting our creativity bloom.
At the beginning of each session, Helen will start with a guided meditation where we’ll take the time to notice how we’re feeling in the present moment. Then, during a time of creative expression, the mandalas will allow us to get in touch with ourselves. We’ll be discovering so much beauty and sometimes a little pain… As a therapist, Helen will be specifically present to each person, allowing the Mandala experience to be a catalyst in our inner transformation.

Week 1: Helen will be bringing a variety of mandalas and we’ll be able to choose the one we’d like to color-create.
Week 2: Helen will help us create our own Mandala without a template.
Week 3: 3-D Mandala! Using collage, we’ll expand into space.
Week 4: Community Mandala. Following the tradition of Tibetan monks, we’ll be co-creating our Healing Mandala.

Please register online by Monday, March 5

relationships Alone & with others

2018 TAT Workshop with Helen Brazil

Wednesdays, February 7-28  11AM to 12PM
4-week Series $120 | Drop- in Only: $35

I’m a human being. I’m a stand-alone but I’m also in relationships with others.
All kinds of others: other parts of my own self, my spouse or my partner, my kids, my family, colleagues or neighbors: difficult to pretend otherwise. Problem is, I can be in relationships and still feel very much alone. I also notice that when I’m in certain relationships with others, I’d much rather be alone! Still more painfully, I realize that I often feel I’m in conflict, unsatisfied or frustrated in my relationships.

At the same time, I recognize that I don’t always want to be a hermit !
How about some clarity and healing with all that?

Four TAT Workshops are specially tailored to help us live happier, more peaceful relationships in our day-to-day existence.

TAT is a therapeutic approach geared to help us live in greater inner peace and freedom. It’s a precious pearl allowing us to advance in the midst of life’s challenges with greater ease. It can contribute to healing on different levels in many areas where we feel stuck (sadness, fear, post-traumatic difficulties, apparently hopeless situations …)

Please register online by Monday, February 5

Seeing your Dreams come true in 2018

2018 TAT Workshop with Helen Brazil

January 24, from 11 to 12pm or/and on January 31, from 7 to 8pm:
Price for one Workshop: $30- in advance, $35 at the door

On January 1st, we may have made wishes or resolutions for the new year. Sometimes our list is long! And once January 2nd comes along, the wishes we expressed seem pretty difficult to realize. We’ll start with what’s going on and alive within us, what’s making us happy and what's filling us with love. Using TAT®, we’ll take the time to be present with that.

TAT, Tapas Acupressure Technique®, is powerful and yet gentle and surprisingly simple. It helps us to dissolve beliefs that can limit us in our lives. It can really help in healing past wounds, those wounds that prevent us from being free enough to create our life as we’d like to see it unfold. As we practice TAT regularly, past events that have conditioned current behavioral patterns start to lose their power over us. What’s left is Space, source of Creativity and Life.

TAT can let us be reconciled with our inner child and simply start to live a better life. Would you like to taste a happier life in peace, here and now? How about plugging into joy and creativity again?

Please register online by January 22